White Shoes

                                      A La Carte
      Additional Hour  $200

Highlight Video  $200
              A 3-5 minute video set to music, highlighting your wedding's most
              memorable moments.

Photo Montage  $200
              Up to 100 of your favorite photos from childhood to engagement set
              to your choice of music.  This is often shown at the rehearsal dinner
              or during the reception.

 Best Wishes Camera  $175
               Ever seen the "confession booth" on a reality show?  A second,
               stationary camera, set up at your reception, so guests can give their
               best wishes and special messages.  A fun way to get insight from your
               loved ones, edited into your wedding video.

  Wedding Story  $225
               A special behind the scenes interview with the bride and groom edited
               into a fun and entertaining story.
Shoot Rehearsal/Dinner or Wedding Shower  $300 (2 hour max)

 Raw Footage $200

Additional DVDs  $20